Welcome to NixGeex.org!

NixGeex.org is a small group of designers, each with areas of expertice stretching over many subjects and hobbies, and many different talents and specialties. They are dedicated to providing people with sites that are not just cutouts, but are complete extensions of the users and customers, intuitive and unique, but most of all simple. Sticking to the standards put in place by the W3, our sites are compatible with most any browser, on any operating system, even on low speed connections. The artists at NixGeex are also supporters of OpenSource software and developers, and have dedicated part of their income to go back to those hard workers that keep software free.

NixGeex.org is founded by C Wrinn, who pulled the developers out of his friends and peers, and starting out on a server within his own home. All of the beginning work came from connections through friends, making each site personal to the developers, not just another customer.

The forums can be reached through www.nixgeex.org/forum.

Our Web Design staff can be reached at the Suggestions/Requests subforum.

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